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Club Settings

Customize and setup your club rules on Plus Reservations Club Settings page allowing you to have complete control over your members and reservations.

Setting up your club is easy. We’ve made the settings feature very intuitive allowing you to control the following:
  • Maximum Reservation Time
  • Number of days in advance a Reservation can be made
  • Court Times and Availability
  • Set whether you allow same day reservations or not
  • Set whether you allow multiple reservations per day
  • Add your Club Logo to the system
  • Name your Courts
  • Create Sub Admins/Tennis Pros
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Reserve courts with ease!

Our user-friendly interface allows members of all ages to reserve courts with big calls to action and buttons. We even made the software mobile friendly for all devices.

The Plus Reservations system allows managers, tennis pros, and members to login, select the day, time, length, and even court number. Once they’ve submitted their reservation, the software will automatically email the user and players a reservation confirmation.

We’ve developed the software with the concept of keeping it simple. Members of all ages will understand quickly how to login and make a reservations. You no longer have to worry about your older members not understanding how to reserve a court, with our user friendly interface, they will have no problems.

Member Management

We’ve developed a better way for your club members to interact, communicate and search for other members with their same skill level.

There are three membership aspects developed within Plus Reservations that allows you to focus on member interaction. The biggest problem with tennis clubs these days is they typically become more focused on the tennis matches instead of the tennis club. We’ve developed features that allows your club members to search for each other, view profiles, and communicate via The Wall. The wall is a feature clubs love! It allows their members to communicate with each other by posting announcements, asking for matches, or posting news updates.

These features have also become very important for the club management. On the club management side of member profiles, we’ve integrated a feature that posts all of the member’s reservation history as well as their racquet type, string, guage, and tension saving critical details for the pro shop. The club wall has also been incredible for making it easy to post news and announcments for members to see.

Player Search
Member Profiles
the wall

News & Events

Send out News, Events, or Clinic invites to your entire membership via email by logging into your club dashboard and filling out the form.


Reporting & Analytics

Start understanding how your courts are being utilized. Our state of the art technology gives you in depth analysis helping you run your club more efficiently.

Below is a list of reporting features you will find in your club dashboard: Understanding how your club members are utilizing your courts helps your club become more profitable!